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26 Apr 0 Comment

Screening in Columbus, Ohio

Programming Hope was  part of the Food for Good Thought Film Series in Columbus, Ohio at the Gateway Film Center.  Special thanks to Dr. Audrey Todd who hosted the private screening to a full theater!  It was the first showing of the documentary out of the state of Texas.

09 Apr 0 Comment

Private Screening in Houston at Landmark River Oaks

Special thanks to everyone who made it out to another sold out private screening in Houston at the historic Landmark River Oaks Theater.  Looking forward to upcoming showings in Columbus, Ohio and Portland, Oregon.

02 Apr 0 Comment

New Official Trailer for Programming Hope

The new "official" trailer for the film is out.  There are many other versions floating around the internet that represented the film while it was still a work in progress, but this will be the only one used for the actual marketing of the film.  Special thanks to Side 3 Studios for the audio mix and the surround mix of the final film.